6 Ways HQ Trivia Could Open Up To Advertisers

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Mark Gorman, Advertising, Media Monetization

We're probably not the only ones who play HQ Trivia every afternoon and then speculate about how the game doesn't have an advertising model, but what if it did?


We play HQ Trivia every day at 3. Around 3:08, we Google in unison and say something along the lines of, “A giraffe only sleeps 30 minutes a day. Looks like we’re all out…” Then we talk about how HQ Trivia doesn’t have any advertising and speculate: What if it did?

Given the game’s popularity in the industry, we’re probably not the only ones. It seems like a goldmine for brands, the rare opportunity to reach people who they know are paying attention.

“Brands pay millions of dollars for Super Bowl ads because they know people are tuned in,” says Justin Mauldin, CEO of Salient PR and former marketing director at multiple mobile gaming companies. “Companies will pay tons of money just to run polls to figure out how many people saw their brand or understand their tagline. With HQ Trivia, it’s even more quantifiable because you know exactly how many people are playing. You could run advertising and research at the same time.”

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Tags: Mark Gorman, Advertising, Media Monetization

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