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Mark Gorman, CEO of Matrix Solutions, possesses over 20 years’ professional experience, technology innovation, and executive leadership. His in-depth expertise in private equity and alternative asset industries brings to bear a significant level of transactional, analytical, and marketing practice proficiency. Gorman’s roll-up your sleeves and get it done work ethic has been instrumental in Matrix Solutions’ evolution to becoming a global, media ad sales platform technology provider. Prior to being appointed CEO, he worked closely with the company’s executive team in his role as Managing Director for Main Line Equity Partners, whom had provided Matrix Solutions with a growth capital investment. Gorman holds a J.D. and M.B.A with an emphasis in accounting from the University of Pittsburgh, and a B.A. in both Political Science and German from the University of Pennsylvania.
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Sales Enablement in 5 Minutes | Rapid Fire Case Study

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Borrell LOAC, Mark Gorman

In this 5-minute case study presentation (originally presented at Borrell LOAC 2019), Mark Gorman, shares how one client adopted a new sales enablement workflow to achieve: … Read more »

Matrix Solutions CEO Quarterly Update Q4 2018

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Mark Gorman

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Matrix Solutions CEO Quarterly Update (Q3 2018)

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Mark Gorman

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Automating the Buy of Local Spot

Comprised of a ridiculous number of steps, buying local spots proves a giant pain for both agencies and brands. Buyers are tasked with going to each station with different pricing and structures only … Read more »

Common Currency to Pave the Way for Cross-Screen Sales

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Mark Gorman, AdTech, CFlight, Common Currency

Common currency and measurement has proven key to buying and selling cross-screen advertising campaigns. This fundamental shift will afford advertisers the ability to focus more on finding the right … Read more »

Symposium Uncovers: Need to Innovate while Staying Relevant

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media sales symposium

Last week, Matrix Solutions hosted the second annual Media Sales Symposium in San Francisco. This Symposium proved a niche gathering of industry leaders, speakers, and professionals who all shared an … Read more »

3 Key Areas to Better Monetize Programmatic Advertising

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Programmatic, Advertising

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak at the Programmatic TV Summit and I want to share some thoughts and observations. We are all discussing “programmatic tv” or “technology enabled buying” … Read more »