Brands are moving to in-house programmatic: Is it the right choice?

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Mark Gorman, Programmatic

By Mark Gorman, Published by ClickZ

Nearly 40% of advertisers now execute in-house programmatic, new report shows. What's behind more companies moving this way, and is it the right choice?

Click-Z-programmaticFor years, programmatic has been a must-have in the ad industry, offering a quick and typically cost-effective avenue for automated ad buys and placements. While this advertising tactic has been historically handled by media agencies, brands are more and more looking to bring this branch of their overall ad strategy in house. In fact, a new IAB report shows nearly 40 percent of advertisers execute in-house programmatic trading and even 50% of publishers now have an in-house model.

What are the reasons behind why more and more brands in 2018 are taking programmatic into their own hands? Transparency, fraud avoidance and data protection are just a few of the reasons pushing brands to this move, but let’s dive into each of these a bit more:

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