Interview with Mark Gorman, CEO, Matrix Solutions

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Mark Gorman

Tell us about your role and journey into technology. What made you join Matrix Solutions?
I am a member of Main Line Equity Partners. Our strategy is to find technology and technology enabled companies that have good fundamentals, but where there is an opportunity to change the organization and reignite growth. As part of our strategy, one of our people will either act as an active advisor or will take on a leadership role within the underlying company. For the first few years, I was advising rather than taking on an active management position. Matrix already had a strong base within linear television, primarily local, but there was clearly opportunity and a need to expand, both in terms of more functionality, more non-linear oriented capabilities, more usability for national sellers, agency applicability and moving into markets outside of the United States. The opportunity was and is to deliver forward thinking technology for the media world that works across the entire front-side of the house, offering accurate and actionable data, the ability to plan and execute, one place for linear, non-linear and everything that a media company is selling in one place, and a goal of dramatically reducing redundancies, automating sales to execution, delivering faster results in performance to increase revenue and profitability of our clients. I firmly believe that no other company provides the per dollar spend to value ratio that we offer and I seek to make this true across every product we develop and every product we sell and deliver. Matrix was a good company, with good people and a good client base, but it needed to take on a different culture. One that was much more oriented towards growth, taking risks and thinking beyond ourselves to what the world is becoming or may become and work towards delivering on these visions. I am not saying it looked easy, it was not and is not. However, I have a strong belief in Matrix, the team, the products and services we provide. And I believed and believe with every passing day, we as an organization are delivering better and strong products and services.

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