Matrix Solutions Unveils Product Roadmap for Global Ad Sales Platform Ahead of NAB 2019

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Monarch Media Ad Sales Platform, Product Roadmap

Platform vision for Monarch aligned with and reflects the emerging evolution of the media industry for the next two years

PITTSBURGH, PA – April 1, 2019–Matrix Solutions, the developer of Monarch, the only global ad sales platform built for media, today unveiled its developmental product roadmap to be profiled at NAB 2019. Designed with the anticipated changes to the media landscape in mind, the planned roadmap and vision of Monarch will provide media companies greater customization options, additional system integrations and other workflow enhancements to better help them monetize their content and ad inventories. These updates will launch by the end of 2019.

As the media industry rapidly evolves in response to market demands, sales teams have greater access to available data and mediums for campaigns–including enhanced tactics like hyper targeting and expanded intelligence and analytics processes. As a result, the industry is on the brink of change and will gradually shift over the next 18-24 months. At NAB, Matrix will highlight the capabilities of its existing Monarch solution, which currently manages over $13 billion in ad spend across numerous media platforms, as well as provide a detailed outlook on its vision for the fully evolved platform that will address upcoming industry changes.

Through these updates, the revitalized Monarch platform will be better equipped to help customers maximize productivity by streamlining internal workflows and maximizing the overall outcome of each sale–combining automation, programmatic and traditional tasks for a seamless sales process, ultimately increasing the speed of cash flow, revenue and profits for media companies. In alignment with the continued evolution of the media landscape, Matrix Solution’s Monarch ad sales platform is slated to evolve alongside it with:

  • Greater customization, data and delivery. Matrix will continue to add to its data infrastructure capabilities by building out its offerings with a media-specific lens, ensuring that further capabilities introduced to the Monarch platform are designed with the nuance of media companies and their needs. The company will build upon its solution using an open API-structure, allowing for greater custom design and outcomes, ultimately allowing for superior depth of insights and ensuring overall data delivery reaches the right internal decision makers at the right time.
  • A single-system workflow. To combat the difficulties associated with communicating across multiple systems, Monarch will feature an automated workflow solution combining prospective and proposed sales with automated execution and active campaign management, including key features such as results reconciliation and the ability to extract invoices to a designated financial system.
  • Enhanced integrations and agency workflow. Mirroring the style of buyer-side solutions, Matrix will introduce a similar sell-side module within Monarch that utilizes the latest technologies to automate processes, eliminate errors and other non-productive tasks, enabling sales teams to focus more on consultative selling.

“Marketing technologies play a vital role in the overall productivity of sales teams—but these platforms will render themselves useless if their capabilities can’t keep up with the ever-evolving demands of our industry,” said Mark Gorman, CEO, Matrix Solutions. “By anticipating these developments across the media ecosystem, our Monarch solution will be able to action on industry demands far ahead of our competitors—ensuring that Matrix customers can pursue and manage key opportunities in real-time and without waiting for the technologies they rely on to play catch-up. As part of our commitment to remaining on the frontline of innovations in our industry, it is our plan to have the fully-refreshed solution ready by the end of this year for our partners.” 

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