Expanding Revenue Channels to Reach New Audiences

This past week, I attended the BIA/Kelsey Next event in Boston, where the primary focus was on local digital advertising. A few of the sessions spoke to the opportunity for broadcasters to embrace digital, although for the most part that ship has already set sail. Understanding their stature in the local market and their pivotal relationship between advertisers and audiences, broadcasters are significantly expanding their reach with the addition of new revenue channels. It is the same “If you build it they will come” mantra that rang true for Kevin Costner’s character in the iconic Field of Dreams. And just like his sweat equity produced dividends, so have the broadcasters. … Read more »

4 Reasons to Attend the Media Sales Symposium

We are just three months away from the very first Media Sales Symposium! To help us countdown the days, we've compiled a list of 4 reasons that have us anxiously anticipating the symposium. Take a look, and then register if you haven't yet! … Read more »

Matrix Solutions Readies for Global Product Launch by Expanding Executive Team

Matrix Solutions announces the expansion of their executive team as they prepare to launch a new, global media ad sales platform. Ryan Smaretsky joins the team in an advanced role as Director of Strategy and Product Development, and Dan Korhnak has joined as Director of Software Development & Architecture. Both Smaretsky and Korhnak will play a pivotal role in successfully delivering Matrix Solutions’ global media ad sales platform, named Monarch, to market. Available for general release in Q1 of 2017, Monarch will feature an entirely new technology infrastructure and afford vertical customization dependent on the ad-specific workflow. … Read more »

Three Things We Learned About Radio Ad Sales

After talking with Presidents, VP of Sales, Directors of Digital, and GSMs about radio ad sales, we learned that (no surprise here) the radio industry is in the middle of a sea change. Digital is penetrating its way into the radio ad selling eco-system, generating additional revenue from existing clients and developing new business are all “must-do” now slogans. If radio ad sellers are prepared there’s no shortage of opportunities on the horizon. … Read more »

Matrix is a Pittsburgh Tech 50 Finalist!

Posted on August 19, 2016 by Dan Tallarico - Blog

Once again, Matrix has been chosen as a Tech 50 Finalist. Last year Matrix was nominated in the "Technology Business Product of the Year" and this year Matrix is a finalist in the "Solution Provider of the Year: Innovative Technology" category. … Read more »

Introducing the Matrix Media Sales Podcast

Posted on August 02, 2016 by Dan Tallarico - Blog, media sales, podcast, Sales Enablement

At Matrix we're working on increasing awareness of sales enablement and tools that improve media sales. And while we're putting thoughts into infographics and videos, we thought we should get a podcast up and running. This way, no matter your preference for digesting content, we have you covered. … Read more »

3 Tips to Improve Media Sales Email Campaigns

Posted on July 14, 2016 by Dan Tallarico - Blog, email tools, media sales tips

Welcome to part two of our series on emails for media sales organizations! Today we'll discuss best practices—a couple of tricks and tips to write emails that helps your sales. In part one of our email series, we wrote about the impact emails can have on your sales funnel. Building trust, sharing testimonials, and creating warm leads to improve your funnel. But for that to happen you have be writing quality emails. And what goes into a quality email? Is it a nice joke? Design? A special offer? A long anecdote? Images? Well...that can depend on who you're emailing. Different audiences require different details. Today we'll cover three fundamentals that work for all types of audiences. Whether you're emailing CEOs, VPs, managers, or your mother.   … Read more »

3 Ways Automated Emails Improve Media Sales

Posted on July 06, 2016 by Dan Tallarico - Blog, email automation, media sales help

“How can a series of emails improve my sales funnel?” It’s a question we hear often. And a valid one. Why is a series of emails sent to a prospect effective? How does that equate to opportunities? Email campaigns save you precious time while qualifying leads. It’s like hiring a sales assistant to vet your prospect. Only, this process is automated and requires minimal management on your part. The modern sales process is consultative. Selling is a series of educational meetings that guide your prospect to your product. A series of emails can bolster your sales process by explaining the fundamentals to clients while building trust.  Three Ways Automated Emails Help Media Sales   … Read more »

Uncover Revenue Opportunities with Matrix

Posted on September 01, 2015 by Team Matrix - Blog

In sales, planning where to focus your attention and knowing which direction you’re headed in can sometimes be challenging. Furthermore, with so much data to process the numbers can be dizzying. Utilizing a CRM and Sales Intelligence system such as Matrix can help manage and maximize sales – it also allows for goals to be set and users to access a more comprehensive view into how business is going based on historical and forecasted data. Additionally, the system has the power to prompt users to take action when hidden revenue opportunities are uncovered. … Read more »
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