Episode 1: Matrix Means Media w/ FreeWheel's Sarah Foss

I am very excited to announce the launch of the "Matrix Means Media" podcast with yours truly, serving as a resident host! We created this podcast to provide an opportunity to interview industry leaders; gaining and sharing their insights and perspectives on the media industry at-large, where’s it going, and how, together we are going to get there. More specifically I will delve into their roles, their companies, and the impact they are planning to drive in an effort to move the needle when it comes to automating the ad buy and sell process. 

Our focus will be learning where the varying technologies lie, what standards exist and which ones make the most sense for adoption across all verticals and players. Collectively as an industry we need to come together to create, execute, and measure and I am very much looking forward to how the Matrix team can help make that happen.

In our first podcast, I hosted one of my favorite people and someone I am lucky enough to call a friend, Sarah Foss. Sarah is the senior vice president, strategic initiatives, FreeWheel and one of the first people I met when I moved from the finance industry to media over ten years ago. Sarah was an industry expert at that time and still is, and offers incredible knowledge on both the buy and sell-side.

I have always valued Sarah’s perspective, her keen insights on media advertising workflows, and her vision. In this interview, I talk to Sarah about her early start in the industry, what automation means to her in her current role and how it translates to the industry at-large. Of course, both of us are big hockey fans, so I could not resist asking Sarah for her Stanley Cup predictions. 

Listen in and I hope you enjoy!




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