Matrix CEO Video Update: Q2 2020

CEO Video Mark Play 1200x628In our Q2 2020 CEO Video update, Matrix CEO, Mark Gorman gives us insights into the current state of the industry, his outlook going into the final two quarters of 2020, and what innovative technology Matrix has on the forefront.

The state of the industry, as we all know, has been heavily affected by the pandemic, resulting in many advertising dollars being pushed and shifted. Mark covers what data has unveiled during this time, discussing a correlation between performance and perceived management styles. Also, how as we go into the second half of the year we will see competitive political spending go beyond that of only the presidential election, helping fill in the gaps created by the shifting of dollars throughout the pandemic.

Mark discusses the impact of convergence and automation for dynamic ad insertion on traditional broadcast media, which will create a buying experience closer to that of buying digital. The technology to make this achievable is something Matrix is currently in the process of developing and deploying in order to provide that automation, along with actionable analytics, to empower the sales organization. He also covers how regulation in the digital landscape will give more opportunities in advertising beyond just the “big players.”

Moving into 2021, Matrix has numerous endeavors underway that Mark touches upon, including an automated workflow which will benefit national sellers, a buy side aggregation platform (Matrix Sales Gateway) which will integrate with multiple APIs to bring ease and automation to organizations, as well as advancements into the digital experience of the Matrix product suite to help bring a more seamless process to the workflow.

There is a lot of information to cover, so check out the full CEO Video Update here >>

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