Ten Benefits of Leveraging Data Visualization for Enhanced Decision-Making and Revenue Optimization in Local Broadcasting

Local broadcasters face unprecedented challenges in today's media landscape, characterized by rapidly evolving consumer preferences, technological … Read more »

Dive into Data Visualization in our Newest Candid Conversation

Matrix Solutions and the Media Ad Sales Council have kicked off the new Media Ad Sales Summit Candid Conversation Event Series with an information packed … Read more »

Flexing your Financial Chops

In our latest Monarch release, we've prioritized the addition and customization of expanded financial fields. This upgrade aims to enable users to work more … Read more »

Monetizing Advertising Inventory in an Opportune Year

The upcoming year presents a multitude of opportunities for boosting advertising sales, thanks to significant political events and the Olympic Games. … Read more »

Utilizing Lost Sales Data for Business Growth

No one wants to dwell on their lost sales. These sneaky figures represent all the potential earnings we missed out on because we didn't quite hit the mark for … Read more »

MASC Member Profile: Joe Lampert, CNOmniMedia

We connected with Matrix MASC Member Joe Lampert from CNOmniMedia to get his position on the value of MASC and its impact on the industry. Listen to his … Read more »

'Deals Forecasting', 'Alerts', and 'Sales Outlook' Monarch Functions Help Grow Digital Business Over 37%

Our Q4 2023 Matrix Sales Superhero was able to increase digital spend by over 37% and total yearly spend by over 7% by using Monarch functions to track past … Read more »

Monarch's 'Sales Outlook' and 'Deals' Tabs Help Maintain Client Retention and Grow New Business

The Q3 2023 Matrix Sales Superhero leaned heavily on Monarch during a period of high turnover enabling her to stay up-to-date on accounts that had shifted, … Read more »

What Does ‘FAST’ Channel Growth Mean For OTA TV?

Free, Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) channels are flourishing with no sign of slowing down. With the potential to reach new audiences and usher in new … Read more »

MASC Member Profile: Peter Jones, Premion

We connected with Matrix MASC Member Peter Jones from Premion to get his position on the value of MASC and its impact on the industry, and the goal for the … Read more »

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