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Hi, my name is B.J. and I am a Starbucks loyalist.

OK, now that's out of the way, I feel a lot better.  After all, admitting you have an allegiance (read = problem) is the first step to recovery, right?

I love starting my day with a venti Pike Place from Starbucks, and if I don't, you may not want to be in that early morning meeting with me.  I find myself feeling almost guilty, if I have to settle for the coffee at work, or heaven-forbid some "Convenience Store" coffee.  I have been known to hug "my" barista outside of the coffee-shop and book my hotels on the road based on proximity to my favorite caffeine dealer.

Some way, somehow, I have become loyal to a company, a brand.  But to me, they aren't just a company, a brand, or even a cup that tells me I need to get shopping done - they are a purveyor of energy, a kick-off to a day filled with promise, and even an agent of change that offers a pick-me-up after a string of meetings that didn't go as planned.  My loyalty was not earned simply because I enjoy paying a lot for coffee, but because of the experience that comes with that coffee.

Starbucks-WhyOne of my favorite business authors, Simon Sinek, wrote a great book called "Start with Why" where he suggests that "People don't buy what you do, they buy "Why" you do it."  Take a second to think about that.  In my case, I am not just buying a cup of coffee (what), I am buying a great start to a great day (why); no wonder I am loyal!  If you have some time, I suggest you watch Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk on this subject - it is great: https://youtu.be/u4ZoJKF_VuA

Anyone who has ever built, supported, sold, or had any connection to a company that sells products would love to have a product or solution that has an addictive quality to it - wouldn't we? It means we are doing something right, building something that provides so much value, enjoyment, and benefit that the user becomes loyal. To us, loyalty is the ultimate validation that our products are bringing a meaningful return of value to those who use, buy, or consume it.

So how do you build loyalty in a Product or Service?

Loyalty starts with the "Why"… Why are you in business; Why did you build a product or add a certain feature; Why did you choose one priority over the other; or most importantly, Why do businesses use need your products or services? The Why isn’t a feature or a checkbox, an item that has a specific ROI (although that helps), or even "something my boss said I have to do." The best examples of products that get the "Why" and breed loyalty are those make the lives or jobs of those who use it better and help them achieve their goals – whatever their definition.  The "Why" becomes bigger than a release, a version, or even a company - people are loyal to the "Why."

If a 3-step guide to creating the "Why" existed and was easy to replicate, then everyone would be doing it.  For example, for every Starbucks, Apple, Google, or Facebook there are hundreds of products and companies that have come and gone.  If you are like me and help build, sell, or position the products you or your company delivers to the market - don't settle for anything less than Why.  Strive to find the "Why." Make the "Why" a reality, and have fun selling the "Why".  I mean, what is more fun:  1) Selling coffee to groggy strangers every morning, or 2) Selling great beginnings and energetic starts to friends and family?  It's not even close.

The Matrix "Why?"

Why-in-MatrixOur team at Matrix is fortunate to call some of the most cutting-edge and visionary companies and leaders of the Media industry clients and partners.  We believe we have a responsibility to these partners to provide great products and services, and this is a responsibility that we don't take lightly.  To sum it up, we are motivated and determined every day to build loyal clients and partners.

To build that loyalty, we have to start with the "Why" - and for us, we want to help Media Sales Professionals sell more.  We want to help create "Selling Machines" that are Faster, Smarter, and more Efficient.  Every feature we build, every service we provide, every investment we make is done with "Why" in mind.  The media ad sales world is evolving and changing daily and many of our partners are advancing ahead of the curve.  Our "Why" starts with helping them evolve faster, smarter, and more efficiently - and ultimately thrive in this competitive world.

If I had a tool that made me Faster, Smarter, and more Efficient, I would be pretty loyal to it - wouldn't you?

Now, let's talk about my Apple problem :)

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