Discussing How Digital Audio Companies are Innovating in 2020 on the Matrix Means Media Podcast

Digital Audio Episode 11 Snapshot Headshots

Shannon Havard, Vice President of Sales, The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group, and Mike Sherry, Vice President of Sales, Forever Media, talk digital audio evolution and innovation on the latest Matrix Means Media podcast.

Listen in as Matrix's CEO, Mark Gorman, and CRO, Brenda Hetrick, talk to The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group's, VP of Sales, Shannon Havard, and Forever Media's, VP of Sales, Mike Sherry, to hear how these two industry leaders are helping advance their respective digital audio businesses and opportunities in 2020. Both share candid insights on how they are evolving: Shannon talks to bringing a digital agency in-house and embracing podcasts as an extension to their business, while Mike shares the significance of staying true to and knowing your audience, and thinking outside of the box in what is the original form of 'social media'.




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