Matrix CEO Video Update: Q4 2020

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automation, CEO Video Update, Convergence, Ad Tech


In our Q4 2020 CEO Video update, Matrix CEO, Mark Gorman gives us insights into how Matrix is bringing together industry leaders in a newly formulated Media Ad Sales Council (MASC), or as he calls it a ‘Think Tank’. Focused on how television will be bought within the next three years, the new advocacy group will collaborate to develop and share ideas and outcomes that can advance the automation and convergence of media ad sales for the buy and sell side.


Mark further articulates how Matrix’s in-person Media Ad Sales Summit initially scheduled for January 2021 has shifted to a new monthly online Candid Conversation series, featuring a free webinette, as he calls them, each month. The conversations encompass key industry leaders discussing relevant topics and themes that are not only impacting the media industry today, but in its path forward.

Lastly, Mark divulges the latest innovations from Matrix, including a new National Workflow, auto project functionality, and the latest updates for their tech-enabled Matrix Sales Gateway.

Its all here, the Q4 2020 CEO update HERE.

Tags: automation, CEO Video Update, Convergence, Ad Tech

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