Matrix Means Media Podcast: Candid Conversation Series- What Local Media Advertisers Want

Listen in to the February Media Ad Sales Summit Candid Conversation where we sat down with the two media agency executives who account for the majority of … Read more »

What Does it Mean to be a Matrix Sales Superhero?

If you haven’t heard about it, Matrix runs a quarterly sales contest for all Matrix users called the Superhero Sales Success contest. For your chance at … Read more »

Discussing Omnichannel Buying Efficiency on the Matrix Means Media Podcast

Listen in as Matrix's CEO, Mark Gorman, and CRO, Brenda Hetrick, talk to MediaOcean's SVP, Business Development, Fraser Woollard to discuss all things ad … Read more »

Revenue Management is the Key to Optimization

As media companies evolve and shape shift, omnichannel revenue opportunities are emerging.  Sure, there is more inventory to sell, which innately provides the … Read more »

Helping the Team Hit Budget by Utilizing Matrix Reporting

The final 2020 Matrix Sales Superhero spread a wealth of Matrix knowledge to members of the team to ensure everyone was best utilizing various Matrix Reports … Read more »

January 2021 E-News: What's Happening at Matrix

We are already a few weeks into the New Year and full swing ahead with everything New! New workflows, New candid conversations, a New Superhero Sales Success … Read more »

Matrix Means Media Podcast: Candid Conversation Series- Local TV's (Happy?) New Year: Views From the Top

Listen in to hear Matrix CEO, Mark Gorman, join top leaders of some of the most influential media companies today including Steve Pruett (Executive Chairman of … Read more »

December E-News: What's Happening at Matrix

This December eNews unveils the latest happenings at Matrix, including the final CEO quarterly update of 2020, Matrix's new advocacy group, MASC (Media Ad … Read more »

Matrix CEO Video Update: Q4 2020

In our Q4 2020 CEO Video update, Matrix CEO, Mark Gorman gives us insights into how Matrix is bringing together industry leaders in a newly formulated Media Ad … Read more »

The Post-Pandemic Radio Rebound

Radio is a powerful, ‘tried and true’ medium utilized across the United States; one that has been a staple for as long as we can remember. Even with streaming … Read more »

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