Flexing your Financial Chops

In our latest Monarch release, we've prioritized the addition and customization of expanded financial fields. This upgrade aims to enable users to work more … Read more »

Utilizing Lost Sales Data for Business Growth

No one wants to dwell on their lost sales. These sneaky figures represent all the potential earnings we missed out on because we didn't quite hit the mark for … Read more »

Correctly Connecting the Data Dots with the Matrix Matcher

My wife and I have data management conversations with our teens all the time. Of course, not in data terms because that would be too over-the-top geeky, but it … Read more »

Actionable Insights vs. Finding Data

Making and monetizing media generates a lot of data. This data is then stored in various formats in application databases, warehouses, and sometimes even data … Read more »

Matrix Introduces its Product Insights Blog Series

We are excited to bring you a new blog series aptly named, Product Insights. Coming to you direct from our CTO, Adam Gotlieb, and the Matrix Product and … Read more »


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