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Data in its truest form has become a force to be reckoned with when empowering media sales organizations. The emergence of new revenue channels has certainly introduced ample opportunities, however the influx of disparate technologies and workflows to manage them has become an even more daunting task.

Many media sales organizations don’t know where to start with their data, how to aggregate it, or better yet leverage it. When you add to that an incomplete understanding of the capabilities of the technology that manages the data, you have complete disarray.

The 2nd Media Sales Symposium is bringing together experts from across the media landscape to discuss the future of media ad sales on January 21-23, 2018 in San Francisco. The Symposium is designed to shine a light on key topics, trends, and workflows for media ad sales, such as what data is available, how it should be leveraged, and how it can work for you. A few of the areas of discussion include:

  • Programmatic advertising. Last year’s Symposium left off with identifying it as a valuable revenue opportunity and this year we will have a panel of experts speaking to how you can better monetize TV advertising programmatically within your existing workflow.
  • Speaking of workflows, we will hear from Group Nine Media, and how they are using technology to automate their sales workflows to expedite opportunities while saving time and money.
  • Additionally, we will hear how the traits and tactics of a successful sales professional have fundamentally shifted with the onset of data and technology. Is your team equipped and aligned to sell faster, smarter, and more effectively?

Beyond sessions, there will be numerous networking opportunities. So, don’t be shy, register today, to join us in the future of media ad sales conversation. These are truly exciting times for media ad sales and we are very much looking forward to hosting a venue that empowers media organizations to both capitalize and advance sales opportunities.

Tags: media ad sales, media sales symposium

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