Case Study: Aligning Multi-Platform Enterprise-Wide Sales in One Solution

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Matrix Monarch

The Matrix Solutions media-specific ad sales platform, Monarch, empowers sales teams to sell smarter, faster, and more efficiently! In this case study, you will see how with the implementation of the Monarch platform, one leading multi-platform media provider was able to fully grasp and utilize their data to grow revenue and optimize efficiencies. 

Continue reading to see for yourself, the success of the Monarch platform!

Case Study: Aligning Multi-Platform, Enterprise- Wide Sales in One Solution

One  industry-leading multi-platform media provider with more than 50 linear broadcast and radio markets, with an extensive library of local and national digital properties recognized the need to effectively collate and interact with their valuable data throughout their entire workflow.

To better access, manage, and leverage data holistically, they deployed Monarch media ad sales platform enterprise-wide...

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