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Implementing a ‘Just Ask for It’ Attitude

How viewers consume and interact with linear advertising is very different than that of digital. The opportunities are different and so too is the sales process. Yet, the media ad seller often … Read more »

Steadying the Course Amongst Considerable Media Disruption

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 Considerable disruption is happening in the media industry both domestically and internationally; from mergers and acquisitions to changes in content creation and distribution through to demand, … Read more »

Evolving Alongside the Changing Media Landscape

The media landscape is evolving at a rapid pace and with $223.7 billion dollars in media advertising last year and a projected $240 billion this year – there is no sign of slowing down! In order to … Read more »

Automating Ad Buy / Sell Processes

The recent Media Ad Sales Summit dove head first into the conversations of automating the ad buy and sell process and what was made clear is the need for more open environments in which to transact … Read more »

Why a Media Ad Sales Summit?

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Media Ad Sales Summit

  … Read more »

Matrix Solutions Takes Monarch on a World Tour

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Matrix Monarch, Advertising

We recently introduced Monarch to the world, after spending months re-imagining and re-architecting the platform. We understood the changing landscape of advertising and knew that we needed to … Read more »

Media Sales Symposium Showcases Key Media Sales Insights

When it comes to media operations, there is no question that sales is a critical department – one that carries a heavy weight for impacting the bottom line. Matrix has been immersed in media sales … Read more »

Expanding Revenue Channels to Reach New Audiences

This past week, I attended the BIA/Kelsey Next event in Boston, where the primary focus was on local digital advertising. A few of the sessions spoke to the opportunity for broadcasters to embrace … Read more »