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"One small step for sales…"

Posted on May 26, 2016 by Team Matrix - Boiling Point

Leverage innovation, both BIG and small to own the Sales Journey … Read more »

May E-Newsletter

Posted on May 26, 2016 by Team Matrix - E-Newsletters

Partnership is a key cornerstone for Matrix, both in the relationships we build with our clients and the ones we forge with other vendors. This e-newsletter is extremely demonstrative of that, detailing how we continually are developing the Matrix platform for the future by working closely with, and then incorporating feedback from our clients as well as building tight integrations with vendor partners. Read more from our Chief Development & Strategy Officer, BJ Boyle, in the article entitled “One small step for sales…” below.  Also, be sure to catch up on Matrix news, including our move into new digs, and the launch of our new website! … Read more »

April E-Newsletter

Posted on April 22, 2016 by Team Matrix - E-Newsletters

It's been a crazy week in the Matrix world! We just wrapped up three fantastic events this week: NAB Show in Las Vegas, mediaXchange in Washington D.C., and the OAAA/TAB Convention in Boca Raton. These varying events proved that no matter the vertical, media ad sales efficiency is obtainable via Matrix. On top of that, we are set to unleash a product update next week that we've been demonstrating live at the events to much fanfare. For more on what’s included the next product release check out a few highlights below. … Read more »

Raise Your Bottom Line

Posted on March 18, 2016 by Team Matrix - Inside the Matrix

Generating revenue in sales is half the battle! It’s knowing that your revenue dollars are profitable and raising the bottom line ROI that wins the war. Being a competitive salesperson is more demanding than ever in today’s ultra-competitive world. The media sales team of today cannot rely solely on corporate lunches and charisma to land deals. Today’s ad sellers must be consultative new business nurturers with a superior understanding of their company, technology, and the competition in order to provide value. At the end of the day they need to confirm that their sales activities and closed-deals are positively impacting the bottom line. … Read more »

March E-Newsletter

Posted on March 17, 2016 by Team Matrix - E-Newsletters

More daylight is not the only thing in our future: we are a month away from our next major product release, are you ready?  Catch a sneak peek below, as well as more insights on the Matrix platform, industry news, and even a few quick reads from our blogs. We will also be attending a handful of industry events in the upcoming months, so be sure to check out that information and let us know if you will be there, we would love to see you! … Read more »

Digital Ad Sales: More Analytical Than You Think?

Posted on March 08, 2016 by Team Matrix - Inside the Matrix

Data and analytics help drive sales! Today, with the influx of big and chaotic data comes advanced technologies with an organic infrastructure of analytics. Initially, these analytics were reactive; they provided insight into “historical information” on what sales happened in the last month, year, etc., and you could tie in the sales professionals’ projections based on their forecast. Their forecast? We asked a few sales professionals what that entailed: intuition, gut, flat, 10% increase, etc. … Read more »

Are You Headed for Success or Failure?

Posted on March 02, 2016 by Team Matrix - Boot Camp with Eileen Fredette

I’m often surprised at how many sales reps are not planning their pipeline. They aren’t aware of how many customers or prospects they need to pursue in order to achieve their revenue goal. I’m talking about old school backing into your number. For example: … Read more »

February E-Newsletter

Posted on February 18, 2016 by Team Matrix - E-Newsletters

We’ve turned the corner and the days are getting longer! At Matrix, we can always use a little extra daylight as we work to implement strategies to grow our footprint throughout the media ecosystem. For details on upcoming events, great industry insights, and our newest team member, keep reading. In other news, a big “congratulations!” to Gray Television as TVNewscheck’s Station Group of the Year! … Read more »

The Time to Plant is Now

Posted on January 28, 2016 by Team Matrix - Boot Camp with Eileen Fredette

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now. (Chinese proverb) … Read more »

January Newsletter

Posted on January 21, 2016 by Team Matrix - E-Newsletters

New Year, New Releases We have a lot filling the pipeline in 2016! In April our users can expect to see the next Matrix product platform release, including more comprehensive analytics and performance surrounding Budgets for Premium users! … Read more »
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