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The Media Sales Symposium 2017 will host thought-provoking industry leaders, decision-makers, as well as the modern-day sales professionals to discuss all things Media Sales.  It is not too late to join us for this event that will provide you with sure-fire ways to boost your media ad sales dollars.  Learn proven strategies, best practices, new platforms, integration, quick tips, and sleek techniques – it’s all here and all focused on helping you drive more advertising revenue in 2017! Register now.

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Want more details on the information packed sessions? Check out our agenda highlights below. Start your year off right with new revenue ideas and insights that you can start implementing immediately!

Leveraging Sales Technology Efficiently and Effectively

In this panel, enjoy a discussion about intelligently implementing sales enablement technologies & CRM into your organization. You’ll hear from GSM and LSMs talk about their experience with introducing technology to the sales organization and the impact it had on their organization. They’ll discuss how to build good habits, getting the team to embrace the technology and how measurement tools can expose new revenue an organization.

Takeaways: You’ll hear first-hand how sales enablement platforms boost productivity and efficiencies in the media ad sales world. More importantly, you’ll hear how to avoid implementation issues and how to get the most out of your technology stack.

Advertising in the a World of Automation

How does automation impact advertising? How does it improve the process and streamline revenue? Digital advertising is growing, as is the need to manage it. Automation platforms and techniques have been paramount in scaling digital advertising for all sizes of organizations. How does this impact ad sellers and buyers? How can you leverage automation for your media ad sales organization? Mike Chevalier, VP of Sales at Rubicon, will walk you through the world of automated advertising and highlight trends you should be aware of for the future of media ad sales.

Takeaways: You’ll come away from this session with an elaborate and comprehensive understanding of the world of automated advertising. In addition, you’ll hear how automation can save you time and increase revenue to exceed goals and grow your organization.

To Linear or Not to Linear – What Does the Future of TV Look Like?

Enjoy a discussion between Linear Loyalists and Proponents of Non-Linear in regards to tv advertising. This detailed, honest and forthcoming conversation of what the future of television advertising looks like will prepare you for the future of selling television – no matter who ends up being right.

Takeaways: You’ll have insights into the future of television and how you can prepare your sales force and organization to sell linear or nonlinear advertising. You’ll hear pros-and-cons of both sides and walk away with a comprehensive and sophisticated worldview of the TV Advertising Ecosystem.

How Publishers are Finding Innovative Ways to Improve Revenue

How do you fight fragmentation? Should you fight fragmentation?  In order to survive, publishers are creating plans, A, B, C and all the way to Z. In this sessions you’ll hear how media companies of different sizes are leveraging new media like podcasts, improving the ROI on old media and Diversifying in unusual, but profitable ways. Fragmentation doesn’t have to be a bad thing – it opens up a number of new options and possibilities for media ad sales.

Takeaways: You’ll have ideas and action items you can implement in 2017 to bolster revenue and grow your business. You’ll get concrete examples of how organizations diversified their portfolio and moved outside their comfort zones to sell a variety of advertising.

Anatomy of the Modern Media Sales Organization

Media selling has grown-up and evolved extensively in the past years. The process is precise and there’s a focus on providing unique solutions to a client’s problem. Has your sales organization evolved alongside the changes in the industry? Sean Amirrati has years of experience building successful sales team and technology companies. He’ll share his insight into building a modern sales team and answer questions about educating and transitioning into a well-oiled consultative sales organization.

Takeaways: You’ll have a better understanding of the elements that make up a modern sales organization as well as how to build a consultative sales team that can sell a myriad of advertising solutions. Sean will walk you through metric and key techniques to ensure your sales team is equipped to sell any kind of advertising.

A Succinct Look at the Modern Media Landscape with Gordon Borrell

Gordon Borrell keynotes on the Monday of the conference to talk about the Modern Media Sales Trends. Gordon’s vast experience and expertise will color in the ecosystem and focus you in the right direction as you plan to increase revenue in 2017 and beyond. Should you focus more on digital media? Invest in local resources? Or a combination of techniques you maybe didn’t see coming? Gordon has his pulse on the industry in a way not many other analysts do. Listening to Gordon talk about the industry feels like someone is giving you inside information that can put you on a path of success.

Takeaways: Gordon’s expertise will give you a leg-up over competitors and help you position your organization in a way to take advantage of the changes in the media ad landscape. You’ll have the expertise to capitalize on trends coming down the pipeline.

Learn more about the Media Ad Sales Symposium here.

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