Case Study: Propelling Sales Practices with Matrix

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Matrix Solutions empowers sales teams to sell smarter, faster, and more efficiently! In this case study, you will see how Forever Media was able to utilize Matrix in order to increase revenue by ditching their old manual ways and embracing a shift into the digital ecosystem.

Continue reading to see for yourself, the success of Matrix!

Case Study: Propelling Sales Practices with Matrix

Forever Media sought better sales tools to improve its sales organization. All sales efforts were managed manually using paper to physically capture notes for each account, track activities and deals, highlight opportunities, and more. Forever Media acknowledged that an investment into an enterprise-wide CRM & Sales Management solution would expand on the sales teams' capabilities, visibility, and ultimately their performance. 

Maytrix Solutions' web-based platform provided a turn-key, media- specific solution for Forever Media. The implementation propelled their entire organization's sales practices into the digital ecosystem...

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Tags: case study, Matrix Monarch, Forever Media

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