Meet Matrix Monarch: Intelligent, Automatic Alerts

Posted on by Dan Tallarico

Alerts Engine, Matrix Monarch


At Matrix Solutions we are developing an exciting new platform called Matrix Monarch. The Monarch platform has been designed on top of a smart layer of technology. The core architecture allows for detailed, "made-to-order" options specific to your needs. 

This customization extends to the new Alerts Engine. These automated, intelligent alerts give you real-time insights into your sales organization and help eliminate critical issues before they impact revenue.

Matrix Monarch: Intelligent, Automatic Alerts


Usability is paramount in your sales platform. As views above you can set up an alert in seconds. These Intelligent Alerts notify you and your team on multiple metrics to prevent disaster from rearing its ugly head. Create alerts to find out when an account is due for renewal, if budget goal is in jeopardy, or if a deal that should have closed has gone stagnant.

A Robust, Customizable Alert System Built for Media Sales

  • Works with the data inside Monarch as well as 3rd party integrations. The new Alerts Engine connects the dots between disparate systems.
  • Alerts suggest actions to remedy problems. If an account is quiet, an alert will encourage sales to call on a client.
  • Customizable to the needs of your organization. Get alerts on financial information, sales activity, churn, budgets or any piece of data critical to your sales process.

Matrix Alerts help your team sell faster. The Alert provides actions that make an impact on revenue and reduce churn. Interested in seeing this in person? Request a demo of Matrix Monarch today.

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