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Product Insights

Intro Blog ImageWe are excited to bring you a new blog series aptly named, Product Insights. Coming to you direct from our CTO, Adam Gotlieb, and the Matrix Product and Development teams - this blog will focus on sharing the latest products, features, and integrations available from Matrix. You will gain insights into the Matrix product suite as well as visibility into how the Matrix technology team is capitalizing on current and pioneering new technologies that will lead the media industry based upon open architectures and the ability to seamlessly integrate with numerous data partners. This blog series is meant to highlight how utilizing the newest Matrix features and continuously developing technology stack can positively impact your day-to-day operations, helping you to grow revenue while simultaneously saving you time and money.

In staying true to task while executing upon our vision for the future, Matrix is consistently developing, upgrading, and adding new functionality that is focused on advancing, accelerating, and automating media ad sales processes and workflows. We take pride in delivering our users a media ad sales platform with the technology that not only helps them save time, gain wins, and sell smarter, faster, and more efficiently on a daily basis, but that also serves as a centrifugal hub to their entire advertising ecosystem, giving them the upfront intelligence they need to stay competitive in today’s market.

Today’s industry has become more fast-paced and technology roll-outs are no longer a ‘one and done’ of installing and getting 3-4 updates a year. They are continually evolving and updates are more frequent and ongoing. This Product Insights blog series will help bridge the gap of continuous evolution by enabling users to stay in the know and keep pace with the latest solutions available to them.

Be on the lookout for each new blog in this series to stay up to date on key insights designed to help you streamline your media ad sales process! Additionally, you will gain:

  1. direct insights into the newest Matrix functionality as it becomes available
  2. visibility into upcoming enhancements
  3. knowledge into how to correctly utilize the newest functionality to ensure you're able to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently

Should you have a new idea or request for feature enhancement, send it over to us at

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