The Modern Digital Advertising Workflow - Matrix Media Sales Podcast Episode 11

In this episode I sit down with Jinny Laderer to discuss the media advertising workflow. Jinny is the president of vCreative, a cloud-based workflow software focused on streamlining advertising sales and fulfillment.

We talk about how the workflow has changed over time and, more importantly, what the current state of the digital workflow is. What are the biggest blockers? Where are bottlenecks occurring? How can media organizations adopt a workflow that improves efficiencies, thus improving revenue.

Jinny is moderating a panel about the digital workflow at our upcoming Media Sales Symposium. She'll have a variety of panelists to discuss common workflow issues and the importance of a workflow that, well, works.

In this episode, you'll hear Jinny and I discuss:

  • How the workflow has evolved over time.
  • How automation can solve a majority of problems.
  • Why having an accessible hub of information is key to speeding up a workflow.

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