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At Matrix Solutions we've been working on an exciting new platform called Matrix Monarch. The Monarch platform is the culmination of research and conversations over the the past years to deliver a product tailored to the acute needs of the modern media ad sales team. We built the foundation of the platform to better fit your workflow. 

Over the next few weeks we will share the newest features and integrations with you. So, let's talk about how Data Cards surface key, contextualized, data. 

 Matrix Monarch: Data Cards

Matrix Monarch Actional Data Cards

Data Cards come in the form of customizable pods inside Matrix Monarch. Monarch Data Cards pull in information from Monarch, your internal data sources, or third party applications to give you immediate and holistic insights. 

When you log in you will see your overall revenue numbers, sales goals, and activities for the day. Because the Data Cards are contextual, when you drill into an account or contact you'll see aggregated, detailed information. 

Less Time Hunting, More Time Selling

The Monarch Platform was designed to surface data exactly when you need it the most. With these new Data Cards you'll see efficiencies increase in a few ways:

  • Because of the customization aspects, you can build out a dashboard that caters to your unique needs. Focused on forecasting? Only want to see how many alerts you have for the day? You decide what data is displayed.
  • Get a glimpse at accounts that may churn. Add a Data Card focused on churn to get an understanding of accounts to keep an eye on.
  • Glanceable and actionable data. Connected to every Data Card is an action you can take. The Alerts Data Cards takes you to your alerts page and the Forecast Data Card will take you to your expanded Forecast. These Data Cards inspire action and give you the tools to take a deeper dive into the data you need to see. 

Monarch Data Cards is a great new way to surface and access the data you need, without disrupting your workflow. Interested in seeing Data Cards firsthand? Click the button below to sign up for a demo of Matrix Monarch. 

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