Meet Matrix Monarch: Interactive Deal Pipeline

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At Matrix Solutions we've been working on an exciting new platform called Matrix Monarch. The Monarch platform is the culmination of research and conversations over the the past years to deliver a product tailored to the acute needs of the modern media ad sales team. We built the foundation of the platform to better fit your workflow. 

Today, let's talk about the new Interactive Deal Pipeline.

 Matrix Monarch: Interactive Deal Pipeline


Seeing is believing, so take a moment to watch the .gif of the new Deal Pipeline in action. Not only does it provide a comprehensive snapshot of every deal in your pipeline, but you can see the value and move deals between stages.

We've even added a toggle to turn on "Deal Weighting". You can assign a weight to each stage of your pipeline. When you toggle on weighting, the values change to give you a more accurate value of your pipeline. 

Actionable & Interactive Pipeline

The new deal pipeline is built to give your sales organization an intuitive way to manage deals and keep the pipeline filled. With the new deal pipeline you'll be able to:

  • Drag and Drop Deals -  Manage deals by moving them from one column to another. This makes it easy to keep your pipeline up-to-date and current.
  • Drill Into Deal Details - Want to learn more about a deal? With one click you have access to the specific details of a deal, including sales activities, notes, and lifetime revenue. 
  • Get a Realistic Understanding of Pipeline Value - With an option to toggle on "weighting" you can see the true value of your pipeline. 
  • Get Pipeline KPIs - Matrix Monarch tracks the statistics of your pipeline over time. Matrix Monarch surfaces your average time to close a deal, how often deals update, and what deals have more than one media type. Perfect for ensuring your sales team is selling a variety of advertising.

Managing your deal pipeline has never been easier in Matrix Monarch! Because you can move deals between stages, claim deals as "won" or "lost", and see the weighting of stages, you'll have a better understanding of your deal pipeline. 

The interactive deal pipeline keeps your sales team efficient and focused on sales goals. Want to see the pipeline in action yourself? Request a demo of Matrix Monarch today!

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