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Having just come off the heels of the Folio:Show in NYC, we must admit - we're enthusiastic about the innovation and creativity that are spawning new revenue ideas, especially when it comes to publishing.  Catch more on this in the article ‘Helping Publishers Build the Most Efficient Sales Team with Enhanced Reporting and Analytics” below, which emphasizes the importance of reporting and how it assimilates to that of a blue print to success. Additionally, read how one newspaper got creative by implementing an out-of-the-box advertisement, learn where Google is in its push for TV ad infrastructure takeover, and last but not least, get your final reminder to cash in on the early bird savings for the 2018 Media Sales Symposium registration. It’s all right here, so enjoy!

Last Chance to Grab Ahold of our Early Bird Rate

Oct_earlybird.pngYou know what they say... the early bird catches the worm… so don't miss out on this deal by waiting around. The Media Sales Symposium begins in just 94 days! What are you waiting for? 

The Media Sales Symposium brings together key industry leaders for a summit all about the future of media ad sales, bringing fresh perspectives, new sales ideas and strategies, and crucial insights. There will also be an abundance of networking opportunities throughout the Symposium. Register before November 1, 2017 to take advantage of our early bird registration rate of $600. Register today>>

3 Reasons You Can’t Miss the Media Sales Symposium 2018


Sure, we could come up with countless reasons you should be attending January's Media Sales Symposium in San Francisco. But here are three big ones: 

  1. The Panels :: Just like last year, we're crafting a diverse array of panels with industry leader panelists that will take on topics such as sales strategy for digital sellers, how to grow programmatic, and hot industry trends. 
  2. The Networking :: Don't waste your resources attending gigantic expos and trade shows where you're just one face in a sea of thousands. The best networking happens in more intimate settings, and the Symposium creates the space for you to talk with your peers, get in front of industry leaders, and glean insights into brand new technology like no other media sales event around. 
  3. The Insights :: When we carefully select our speakers, we ensure that they'll be able to provide actionable insights to attendees of the Symposium. Each and every session allows attendees new or furthered knowledge to leverage revenue growth. 

Need more convincing? Check out the 30 Insights and Takeaways from our last Symposium.

Helping Publishers Build the Most Efficient Sales Team with Enhanced Reporting & Analytics


For publishers to be successful they need to sell digital advertising, manage insertion orders, build relationships with clients, provide marketing services and leverage streams of data.  That's plenty and hardly a comprehensive list.

As the advertising sales process grows more complex, sales teams need a platform to aggregate their vital data into a single hub. There's a lot of moving parts in the workflow and building a hub that connects each disparate piece of data is a must. That's exactly what Monarch does for publishers.

Monarch connects each stage of the media sales workflow together to ease the burden on the sales team and speed up efficiency. Monarch combines best-in-class reporting tools, prospecting features, CRM, pipeline management, budgeting, and forecasting into a single hub. Plus, integration with digital ad networks and proposal tools, Monarch provides a single hub to manage deals, revenue and sales. This frees them up to spend more time building strong relationships with clients and provide a tremendous value. And why are the reporting tools critical for media ad sales? Read more >> 

ICYMI: Be Sure to Download your Copy of the Exclusive Hub and Spoke White Paper


Adopting a Hub Driven Workflow to Automate Ad Sales, is a white paper focused on building more efficient media ad sales workflows, using a hub and spoke model.  The paper conveys the significance of getting one-offs and customized ads into the workflow sooner to reduce the manual intervention often relied on between departments. This also eliminates data redundancies while making the data more visible to all users in the workflow. Another huge benefit to getting data into the system sooner is the ability to track and provide metrics against it. This is often an afterthought and/or one more task that screams manual intervention! So what are you waiting for, grab some popcorn and download your copy of Adopting a Hub Driven Workflow to Automate Ad Sales, today!

Insider Insights


Adweek: This Crazy Ad Replaced Every Black Dot in an Entire Magazine With a Colored Dot - 

Elaborate media stunt promotes … better cell service? Print advertising isn’t dead. In fact, it’s more insidious than ever! In a rather bonkers stunt, Irish telecom eir replaced all the black dots in the Oct. 6 issue of Daily Mail Magazine with colored dots. And it was every dot—every period, every dot in a colon and semi-colon; every dot above a letter i or j (technically known as tittles—you learn something new every day).

The insanely detailed, magazine-wide stunt was explained with a full-page ad that ran in the back of the magazine. The point of all the colored dots? To suggest that eir can help you eliminate “black spots” in your home or office where your mobile signal is weak.

“No more black spots,” says the headline on the ad, which elaborates:

At eir, we don’t like black spots. Which is why we’ve gotten rid of them in this magazine. And we can get rid of them in your home and office too with WiFi Calling, exclusive from eir. Just enable Wifi Calling on your mobile phone and you will be automatically connected to any WiFi network, so you can still make mobile calls whenever you have weak signal.  Read more >> 

Business Insider: Google Wants to Own the Future of TV Ad Infrastructure

For Google, TV is the final frontier. So it would make sense that to get there, the search giant started with Star Trek. As CBS bets big on the latest original "Star Trek" series as the anchor series for its fledgling streaming subscription service CBS All Access, it is relying on Google's technology to deliver ads.

That partnership will hardly shift the power structure of the TV advertising business on its own. But it's a significant win for Google. "The CBS partnership is big for us," said Rany Ng, Google’s director of product management for video. She points to the "Star Trek" digital distribution as an example of how seriously big media companies are taking the changes in TV.

Google has attempted to wedge its way into TV several times over the last decade, with very mixed results. But over the last six months or so, Google has been quietly and deliberately trying to sell its ad serving software to big TV and video players. Read the full article here >>

Oh, Canada!


We are continuing our Monarch World Tour and heading to the Ontario Association of Broadcasters Conference on November 9, 2017.

From Sales to Programming, to Operational Strategies and Leadership, the 2017 lineup of speakers and sessions will deliver key learnings and insights into how the industry needs to respond and thrive in today’s multi-media environment. More info >>

Until next time, Happy Selling!

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