April E-News: What's Happening at Matrix

Stay up to date on the exciting events at Matrix, while continuing to work from home. We are continuing to develop and advance our product and teams so that, … Read more »

The Matrix Kiosk: Your All-Access Resource for Success

Today’s unprecedented times have forced many people into a "new office." While so many of us are now working from home, Matrix’s application and numerous … Read more »

Jay Stevens on the Matrix Means Media Podcast

In this podcast Brenda Hetrick, along with Matrix's CTO, Adam Gotlieb,  interview Hudson MX's Jay Stevens to discuss TIP Compliance and automating the ad buy / … Read more »

Increasing Prospect Reach with the Matrix List Builder!

Our first Sales Superhero of the year utilized the Matrix List Builder to communicate valuable information to a large group of prospects at once, saving time … Read more »

Social Distance Selling

Social Distance Selling  Social Distance Selling - could be what some would call an oxymoron, but regardless if it is or isn't - it is a reality. As many sales … Read more »

Episode 1: Matrix Means Media w/ FreeWheel's Sarah Foss

I am very excited to announce the launch of the "Matrix Means Media" podcast with yours truly, serving as a resident host! We created this podcast to provide … Read more »

March E-News: What's Happening at Matrix

Mindful of current affairs and how everyone's lives have been recently upended, we are wishing you and your loved ones enduring health and safety. Though the … Read more »

Sarah Foss on the Matrix Means Media Podcast

In this podcast Brenda Hetrick delves into how FreeWheel’s Sarah Foss got started in media, how technology and processes have and haven’t changed over the … Read more »

Meet our Annual Superhero!

We recently announced our 2019 Q2 Superhero Sales Success Winner, Tony Bortoff, was voted by you as Matrix's Annual Sales Superhero! He was able to join the … Read more »

February E-News: What's Happening at Matrix

Love is in the air and we know you'll fall for the February edition of the Matrix e-news! You'll have hearts in your eyes for Matrix after you read these … Read more »

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