Case Study: Crushing Sales Goals with Monarch

The Matrix Solutions media-specific ad sales platform, Monarch, empowers sales teams to sell smarter, faster, and more efficiently! In this case study, you will see how Townsquare Media was able to make their sales teams believers in the trustworthy platform while capitalizing on a steady increase in operation efficiencies.

Continue reading to see for yourself, the success of the Monarch platform!

Case Study: Crushing Sales Goals with Monarch

One  of the challenges of investing in a new CRM was sales team adoption. The push back from Townsquare Media reps ranged from those who had never used a system, so were reluctant to try something new, to those that had used one, and found it more cumbersome than beneficial.

To overcome this short-term challenge of getting the team "on board" with Matrix Solutions' Monarch, Ron rolled out a quick SPIFF that not only aligned revenue goals, but was measurable in the system. This not only increased his new business, but within a six week span, the team...

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