Case Study: Increasing Efficiency and Cross-Sell Opportunities

The Matrix Solutions media-specific ad sales platform, Monarch, empowers sales teams to sell smarter, faster, and more efficiently! In this case study, you will see how Grupo OPSA implemented the Monarch platform in order to increase operational efficiencies and cross-sell opportunities. Being the largest media group in Honduras, Grupo OPSA was also able to utilize the fully localised features of Monarch!

Continue reading to see for yourself, the success of the Monarch platform!

Case Study: Increasing Efficiency and Cross-Sell Opportunities

Grupo OPSA, the largest media group in Honduras, is comprised of several leading publications and digital platforms, including La Prensa, El Heraldo and Diez, as well as magazines Estilo, Buen Provecho, Motores, Casa y Hogar; including Estrategia y Negocios, the leading business publication across the Central American region. With such a large media group, aggregating data, sales, contacts, etc. was time consuming but crucial to improving the sales process. Prior to implementing the Matrix Solutions’ Monarch platform, the Grupo OPSA team had previously engaged two different CRM systems. Both were an advancement from their previously used manual processes but lacked the media-specific functionality they needed in order to sell their inventory more effectively.

Grupo OPSA discovered and implemented the Monarch platform in hopes of it being the last CRM platform they needed. They recognized that the Monarch platform would facilitate operational sales efficiency, resulting in the ability to capitalize on more cross-sales opportunities throughout the enterprise. In addition to...

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