Case Study: Leveraging Technology to Springboard Sales

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The Matrix Solutions media-specific ad sales platform, Monarch, empowers sales teams to sell smarter, faster, and more efficiently! In this case study, you will see how one radio broadcast organization was able to increase their operational efficiencies and, in turn, see a clear and swift Return On Investment with the implementation of the Monarch platform. This switch to the Monarch platform showed both AE's and Managers vast benefits allowing them to work together in a more productive way in order to succeed.

Continue reading to see for yourself, the success of the Monarch platform!

Case Study: Leveraging Technology to Springboard Sales


Until recently, a radio broadcast organization was utilizing multiple systems to manage sales efforts and information– necessitating that users had to log in to multiple systems to piece together their data. Initially, they built an in-house database to connect their data sources, however it fell short of delivering the operational efficiency they sought. The manual effort to continually update the database was time-consuming and the database was only accessible in the office. Additionally, from an Account Management perspective, it was cumbersome to understand who was managing accounts and agencies for each asset in the database, was hard for users to retrieve overall account spend, and the ability to identify and track upsell opportunities was non-existent.


The radio broadcast group sought to upgrade their operation by implementing a media ad sales system that would be responsible for not only aggregating their disparate data sources in the workflow but that would be accessible 24/7, from any device. This would enable the media sellers to focus on selling. After searching viable solutions, the broadcaster selected Matrix’s Monarch media ad sales platform. Monarch’s media focus provided a significant jumpstart – connecting...

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Tags: case study, matrix for radio, Matrix Monarch, ROI

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