How Monarch's Features Fuel Success

Matrix runs a quarterly sales contest for all Matrix users called the Superhero Sales Success contest where you let us know how you have utilized the features in Matrix’s Monarch platform to help your team move the needle toward hitting budget, how you organized your activity to better manage your book of business, found and closed new or churned business, and more! Our Monarch Platform is the only media-centric revenue management platform that includes a full CRM system giving you the benefits of full visibility, sales intelligence, intuitive and customizable reporting capabilities, automated workflows to save you valuable time, and precise and cleansed data so that you know exactly where you stand and how you can best reach your goals and budget.

With so many possibilities within the Monarch platform, our Sales Superheroes are eager to share their success stories… because they have so many! There are multiple ways that sales teams have adapted the features within Monarch to help them in their day-to-day activities. Wondering how you can too? Check out some of these features that people are utilizing to find wins both within their book of business and with Matrix each quarter!


Matrix Mobile

  • This feature has allowed our Sales Superheroes and honorable mentions the ability to have Matrix by their side no matter where the day takes them. You can enter notes, look up historical information, refresh yourself on an account’s spending and more… all while on the road!

Tags Feature

  • Utilizing the tags feature helps you to easily find and remind yourself of key points on any given account. Whether it is an upcoming event, reminder to follow up, knowing if an account is spending on linear, digital, or both- you name it! You create the tags that work for you and then when you want to go back and search for specific information, those created tags save you time and help group your accounts to make you the most efficient in moving your business forward.

Espresso Shot

  • This is the way to start your day off right! And we’re not talking about a cappuccino… the Matrix espresso shot is a daily email that you get each morning that keeps you up to date and on track for your day. Letting you know of your upcoming deadlines and appointments lined up for that day and more, it gives you the reminders you need to plan your day efficiently.

Matrix List Builder

  • Pull and export the info you need quickly! Gain quick access to your entire book of business, pull contact info fast for bulk sends, find out which accounts are inactive, see where your upsell opportunities are, and more!

Historical Revenue

  • Take a trip down the revenue memory lane with this feature to make sure your pitches are on point and appropriate for each client, whether they are a current client or one you are trying to reignite.

Activity Tabs

  • Up your efficiency game… and save some trees at the same time! Drop the written notes and keep all your client info in one place where it should be. By adding your meeting and call notes into the activity tab for each client, there is no more searching for when someone says to follow up, who your newest contact person is, what is the best way or time to contact a particular account, anything! Even better, this is a great feature to utilize even you’re on the road when using Matrix Mobile!

Deals Pending

  • Quickly and easily stay on top of what you have in the pipeline so you know best when to follow up and push the needle to get the closes that you and your team need to succeed.


  • The interactive reporting capabilities allow you to drill down to find the exact information you are looking for…and with the cleansing of first- and third-party data through Matrix, you can know you that the numbers and info you see can be trusted! Reveal actionable insights from the data you pull to have the clearest understanding of each accounts status, your activity, historical data, churned account information, spend information for each account, reveal valuable upsell opportunities, find deals past due, and more. You can even schedule reports to pull on their own and set them to be automatically emailed to you!

Matrix Kiosk

  • The Matrix Kiosk is a go-to resource, available for both Monarch and Premium users that gives you access to product updates, the latest news and announcements, tips, tools, trainings, and more, all in one place. Just click the icon in the bottom right corner of your screen while in the platform to have instant access of all the latest valuable information right at your fingertips!

These are only a handful of the features that our Sales Superheroes and Superhero Honorable Mentions are using to help them, and their teams, succeed! If you want to read more about how they using these features, check out the Superhero Sales Success Winners Playbook. How is Matrix helping you to find wins? Tell us because we want to know and want you to have your chance to win! Submit your own Matrix Sales Success Story today!

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