Monarch’s Weather Watch Possibilities

Ok, setting the record straight, Monarch is not providing your daily weather forecast, but like the latest weather apps it is delivering users the comprehensive media ad sales insights they need to sell smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

We live in a fascinating time. A time where basically any answer to any question we ponder is at our fingertips. Discovery, research, education – it’s never been easier. There’s been such rapid advancement in the last century that we rarely think about the complexity of the knowledge we obtain. That is – until we find a workflow that is anything but seamless.

Take for instance a weather forecast. Imagine rather than opening just one weather app that displays everything from air pressure to zonal flow on our phones, having to instead piece together the forecast ourselves using a separate system for precipitation, one for temperature, another for heat index, etc. Suddenly something as quick as checking the forecast becomes a tedious task of collecting data from disparate sources to piece together the info you seek. Take that a step further and think about the hassle it would be to piece together an entire forecast using all these moving parts. I’d rather just stay inside today, thank you.

Luckily for us our reality is much different. We can easily look at the weather report a whole week in advance, anywhere in the world, any time we want, within a few taps of our fingers. Sadly, the same can’t be said for many media sales professionals when they’re trying to view the data they need to perform their jobs most effectively. Instead, they’re left with multiple data houses that they must go into individually and curate the information from those disparate systems to create the customized report they need. This shambled approach to data collection leads to inefficiencies from the jump and that’s even before you begin accessing data from third-party systems.

But this is your data and you should be able to use it. Matrix Solutions media ad sales platform, Monarch, unlocks that data and allows media sales professionals to visualize a complete view of all data points across all disparate systems within a workflow. The days of cobbling together bits and pieces to view a holistic report are gone. There is zero reason to not be working this efficiently - allowing yourself the full transparency that Matrix Solutions provides can quickly turn into one of your smartest and most timely decisions. Customizable alert notifications make it, so you’ll never miss an opportunity, never have the option to let a sale fall through the cracks, and always be making the most of your cross-sales potential.

And just like that, thanks to Monarch’s intuitive interface and customizable reports and alerts, media sales professionals are suddenly micro meteorologists, creating in-depth sales forecasts with the ease of a few taps. It won’t be long until the revenue accumulates with a flurry of new opportunities to go after. To learn more about Matrix Solutions’ Monarch, visit


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