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It's been a few weeks since our first-ever Media Sales Symposium and it's safe to assume we've fully recovered. However, we're definitely still riding the high from all the discussions, industry insights, and good times had. Not only do we have a brief recap blog on the event from our CRO, Brenda Hetrick, but we also have the scoop on the new Alert Engine headed your way next week, a list of upcoming events where you can catch us and more! Check it all out below.


The Matrix Data Integrity Service

It happens to everyone. Over time, your database of contacts and accounts grows a bit unwieldy. You see duplicate contacts, missing information, and numbers that don't seem to add up. Matrix offers a data integrity service to ensure that the data you are working off of is the right data. This has a number of impacts on your sales organization.

  • Reporting You Can Trust: An accurate pipeline of data delivers factual and accurate reporting. You'll be able to pull reports and forecast with confidence.
  • Reduction in Redundancies: Duplicate contacts and accounts slow down the workflow and fractures data.
  • Pulse on AE Performance: AEs aren't adding activities? Inactive? You'll have a clear understanding of how your sales organization is performing so you can prioritize and improve accordingly.

Contact your success manager for more information about the Data Integrity Review.

All New Alert Engine

It’s true, we are scrapping the old alerts architecture and have built an all-new alerts engine which is headed your way February 25th! The new engine delivers all the action-packed insights and data media ad sales organizations have come to rely on.

  • Customize the alerts specific to your needs
  • Get recommended actions to ensure progressive workflow
  • All alert information is current, displaying real-time data
  • Alert API coming soon! The API will enable all data from disparate systems to be aggregated and leveraged within you alerts

Matrix Alerts

From Inside Matrix

Media Sales Symposium Showcases Key Media Sales Insights

SymposiumWhen it comes to media operations, there is no question that sales is a critical department – one that carries a heavy weight for impacting the bottom line. Matrix has been immersed in media sales since its inception, giving us a front row seat to witness the ebb and flow of the industry. Today, more than ever, there is a need to have a full understanding of the media sales ecosystem to operate effectively. Media companies need to sell integrated media advertising campaigns consultatively and use data as a not-so-secret weapon. We all know this leads to increased revenue and/or reduced operational costs, of which both produce improved bottom line ROI.

Last week, industry leaders, technology experts, sales executives, and decision-makers descended upon Orlando to meet for the very first Media Sales Symposium. The symposium proved an opportune venue for candidly discussing today’s media sales opportunities and challenges. Read more>

Industry Insights

SnapchatSnapchat's New Targeting Tools Could Help Improve Ad Results AdAge

Snapchat is making upgrades to its ad technology so that advertisers can better target their messages, and perhaps increase the amount of time people spend with their ads.

The messaging app recently introduced what it calls "goal-based bidding," which gives advertisers more options when buying through its ad platform. This type of bidding lets advertisers set goals on their campaigns beyond just views on ads. Read more>

Now, the trends that will shape advertising in 2017 MediaLife Magazine

Per Mindshare, get ready for less focus on Millennials (gasp!)
Advertisers have been obsessed with Millennials for what seems like forever. They overreact to even the slightest of trends among this group.
Millennials mull cutting the cord? Time to pull back on TV advertising, even though the majority of 18-34s still use the medium heavily.
Millennials love Snapchat? Time to shift our money there, never mind that research suggests people don’t look at those ads. Read more>


Op/Ed 2017  | February 16-17 | Austin, TX

EventsNot only are we a proud sponsor, but our CEO, Mark Gorman, and CRO, Brenda Hetrick are headed to Austin for this Ad Revenue and Operations focused summit. If you will be there and able to connect, send us an e-mail to connect.

Mega-Conference | February 23-25 | Orlando, FL

We will be exhibiting at the Mega-Conference in Orlando, booth #618. If you are headed to this event focused on joining together for media solutions, be sure to visit us and explore the latest Matrix features and functionality. Want to get something down in our calendars before you travel? E-mail our sales team to schedule a meeting.

Borrell LOAC | March 6-7 | New York City, NY

Matrix is pleased to be attending and sponsoring the 2017 Local Online Advertising Conference! The LOAC returns to New York March 6-7 with a focus on the most important link in the chain - the sales organization, and particularly the local sales rep. If they fail, the entire organization is in jeopardy. In 2016, these “direct” sales forces were responsible for driving more than half of all locally spent digital advertising, to the tune of $25 billion. Meet us there or for more click here>

Hispanic Radio Show | March 28-29 | Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

If you are headed south for this exclusive event produced by RadioInk, be sure to give us a ring so we can plan to connect in advance of arriving in Ft. Lauderdale.

Events on the Horizon

NAB Show | April 22-27 | Las Vegas, NV

MediaXchange | April 30 - May 3 | New Orleans, LA

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