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Inactive-AccountIn sales, planning where to focus your attention and knowing which direction you’re headed in can sometimes be challenging. Furthermore, with so much data to process the numbers can be dizzying. Utilizing a CRM and Sales Intelligence system such as Matrix can help manage and maximize sales – it also allows for goals to be set and users to access a more comprehensive view into how business is going based on historical and forecasted data. Additionally, the system has the power to prompt users to take action when hidden revenue opportunities are uncovered.

A great example of how to uncover revenue with Matrix is evident in the Inactive Accounts Report. Generating such a report and using it as a roadmap to find new revenue is just what some existing Matrix customers have done and here were there results:

  • A radio station used the Inactive Accounts report to zero-in on target accounts. The results? $154,582 of revenue over a 2 year period.
  • An Ohio television station used Matrix to for strategic account management. Attrition Reduction? $125,000 over a 1 year period.
  • Another television station used Matrix for strategic account management and saved $140,000 in revenue.
  • A Florida radio station used Matrix’s Inactive Accounts reports to generate more revenue and voila! $36,000 in new revenue over a 2 year period.

The Inactive Accounts report generates revenue growth by analyzing your sales history and finding accounts that are no longer actively billing with you. The report sorts data by dollars and shows you the 12 months of billing prior to each individual accounts’ inactive period. By identifying lapses in account billing, you can focus existing resources on and strengthen your relationships with your accounts and further improving sales.

Simply put, the functionality and core competencies of Matrix save you time, money, and stress; allowing you to generate revenue by leveraging in-house data made available to you in one easy report. To get started on finding new revenue with Matrix, contact us to learn more because, like the results of a GPS, there is more than one way to get there!

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