MASC Member Profile: Jennifer Scilabro, Nexstar Media Group

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We connected with Matrix MASC Member Jennifer Scilabro from Nexstar Media Group to get her position on the value of MASC and its impact on the industry, and the goal for the future.  Listen in to her responses below.


What is the value of the Media Ad Sales Council, otherwise known as MASC? 

So, I think as a group, the value of MASC is to focus on promoting best practices, providing resources and education, and really fostering collaboration among media companies, advertisers, and agencies.

 Can you tell us why this council, why MASC?

To join a group of fellow media executives who care about the longevity of our industry, who want to find ways to make it better for our media sellers as well as our customers is really my main reason.

My hope is that we drive industry growth; we start to shape some new industry and advertising standards, we define and promote innovation, and really provide both networking as well as educational opportunities to our members.

Personally, it helps me connect and learn from my peers, provide thought leadership and build that network of professional friends in the business.

What are you hoping to gain from MASC? 

I think it’s important to stay engaged and connected to the industry, not just sit in our own bubble. Our business is really going through an unprecedented disruption, and I think it’s critical that as a group we talk, keep learning together, sharing, and pushing the boundaries of innovation. And that’s not only between us, as media publishers, but also with the agencies.

My hope is that I can share my own experiences of my decades long career with those advocating and advancing their careers in media sales and really learn from them. There’s a whole new generation of folks coming up in the business who have come into their own in terms of learning and being really well prepared. Native to this, the digital experience, MASC really helps provide the venue for those conversations and I’m happy to be part of it.

Tags: Matrix, MASC, media industry, Member Profile

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