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We connected with Matrix MASC Member Joe Lampert from CNOmniMedia to get his position on the value of MASC and its impact on the industry.  Listen to his responses below.


What is the value of the Media Ad Sales Council, otherwise known as MASC? 

So I believe the primary value of MASC really lies in its creation of a safe place in a safe space for media and sales professionals to share their thoughts on best practices and develop opinions and joint positions on those future-looking initiatives that can really benefit the industry at large. In so doing, I feel that members gain access to some of the best and the most innovative resources available while exploring how to optimize each of their own organizations' performance potential.

Can you tell us why this council, why MASC?

Well, as someone who spent the bulk of my own career leading teams, providing both critical software applications, as well as advisory services to both media buyers and media sellers,  I saw an opportunity at MASC to continue down a path of continual learning. And as a MASC member, I'm constantly impressed by the shared experiences and the willingness to collaborate that every member brings with them.

What are you hoping to gain from MASC? 

In short, an ability to stay fresh in my own understanding of the challenges that media companies face in a constantly evolving ecosystem. MASC has enabled me to meet regularly with those key practitioners who man the front lines as the industry confronts some of the key questions around everything from effective cross-platform sales, to the role of AI, and the adoption of alternative trading currencies. My hope is that by keeping current, I gain the opportunity to help identify potential solutions for others.


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