Matrix Summit Sum-Up: Streaming Video/ OTT/ and AVOD Panel Discussion

During this year’s 4th Annual Media Ad Sales Summit, industry leaders came together to discuss vital topics that are currently impacting the media ad sales industry, and that are poised to continue to be hot topics. One panel topic covered was Streaming Video/ OTT/ and AVOD. Leading this discussion was an influential and diverse group of front-line experts who discussed openly  what this means for the future of “TV” advertising. The panel included:

  • Sarah Foss, FreeWheel (Moderator)
  • Maggie Drake, Scripps/ Octane
  • Tyler Fitch, Tubi
  • Jim Keller, Hulu
  • Walter La Mendola, PlutoTV/ ViacomCBS Network Americas

Over-the-top TV/video viewing is a mainstream media activity in a majority of US households, with plenty of growth coming. While subscription VOD services like Netflix have driven much of the action, it’s clear that ad-supported OTT offerings from incumbent TV networks, digitally native content brands, and ad-embracing services like Hulu are poised to attract huge audiences in their own right – and with dynamic IP targeting, that will give classic linear TV advertising a run for its money.

Check out the video of this panel for some of the great points covered such as:

  • Differentiation within the Market
  • Content/ User Experience
  • Advertiser/ Marketer Awareness in their Ad Spend
  • Expectation of “Television” vs “Digital”
  • 2020 Predictions
  • And more!


To see more Panel Sessions from this years' Media Ad Sales Summit, access our Media Ad Sales Summit Insights eBook here.!


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