MediaPost: What Will 2019 Bring for Video Advertising and Streaming Video?

Mark Gorman, CEO Matrix Solutions, shares his insights with MediaPost for what 2019 has in store for Video Advertising and Streaming Video … Read more »

‘Digital Convergence’ Key Topic at 2019 Media Ad Sales Summit

Matrix Solutions, the only global ad sales platform built for media, is set to host its third annual Media Ad Sales Summit, with ‘Digital Convergence’ serving … Read more »

Published by Adotas: 2018 Midterm Elections Analysis: Local TV Ad Spend in 10 Key Senate Races

Mark Gorman shares his insights with Adotas on political advertising’s impact on the 2018 midterm elections after analyzing $256 million in political ad spend … Read more »

Matrix Finds Big Political Spenders Weren't Necessarily Big Winners

Money doesn't buy happiness in midterm toss-ups Matrix revisited its midterm ad spending totals to see how the big spenders fared in the 10 swing state Senate … Read more »

Frustration? More control? Here’s why more brands are opting for in-house programmatic

Adotas features Mark Gorman, CEO, Matrix Solutions insights on in-house programmatic Nearly 40% of advertisers now execute in-house programmatic, new report … Read more »

Forbes Features Matrix Solutions' 2018 Political Ad Spend

The hotly contested midterm elections are less than a week away, and right now when you turn on your local broadcast channel, you’re likely inundated by a load … Read more »

2018 Midterm Senatorial Elections: Democrats Outspending Republicans on Political Advertising in Local Broadcast

New report from Matrix Solutions shows Democratic candidates in Senate “toss up” races have purchased $9.9 million more in local TV spots than that of their … Read more »

AdExchanger: The Dark Side of Media M&A

While M&A strategies offer media companies a leg up on competition, little attention goes to the behind-the-scenes drama when aligning the legacy … Read more »

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