Our Second Sales Superhero Identity has been Revealed!

Congratulations to the 2019 Q1 Superhero Sales Success winner...

In addition to earning herself a $250 gift card, her success story featured here and compiled into the Matrix Solutions' playbook, Megan will also get a complimentary registration to the 2020 Matrix Solutions' 4th Annual Media Ad Sales Summit.

Superhero Sales Success Meet the WinnerChallenge: I sell station events and have many events that happen throughout the year at different times and on different stations that call for different types of sponsors. I need to stay organized and on track with follow up calls/presentations based on not only specific events and the onsite dates but when those campaigns start to keep potential sponsors top of mind.

Solution: I utilize the Tags feature to help me stay organized for specific events.  After entering the activity notating my call, email, etc, I go in and add a tag to the account with the event I am prospecting them for. Some clients/prospects I target for multiple events and some are for only one - the tags allow me to do a search if I want to focus on calling on a particular event coming up.  The espresso shot email also reminds me and helps me follow up when deadlines are approaching.

Key Benefits: Time goes by so fast and we can get caught up with other day to day duties but this has allowed me to stay organized and focused on potential sponsors when it comes to specific events.  I am not missing out on potential sponsors because I spoke to them few months ago and said to follow up later in the year because the event is in 6 months or longer. When focused on a specific event, I can search the tag and it can remind me to get back in front of them when timing is right.  It also helps my management see how many potential sponsors I have for a specific event and for me to see that I need to spend some time prospecting for a specific event.

Q2 is underway, and Superhero Sales Success submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.  Get yours in today to be entered into the next quarter drawing and the chance to join Megan at the 2020 Media Ad Sales Summit, have your success story featured front and center, and get a $250 gift card!  We will accept your stories from now through June 30, 2019 - and don't forget, you can submit as many as you wish.

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