On Point and Adding Sales with Electronic Meeting Notes in the Matrix Accounts Activity Tab

Our first Matrix Sales Superhero of 2021 ditched the paper clutter and got organized with Electronic Meeting Notes in order to reference past conversations and establish better client relationships, resulting in higher sales!

Congratulations to the Q1 2021 Matrix Sales Superhero... Erin Graf from WKYT-TV!

In addition to earning a $250 gift card and her success story featured here and compiled into the Matrix Solutions' winners playbook, our Q1 winner has also received  a complimentary registration to Matrix's next in-person Media Ad Sales Summit! Check out Erin's winning submission below...

Woman- Newest WinnerChallenge: My challenge was finding old references from previous client meetings. In the past, I have always taken notes on paper at my meetings and then tried my best to make sure I filed them for future reference. This is great IF you go to the office and look in your files before every meeting. Also, I had a giant stack of papers needing to be filed. When I needed notes from past meetings it was a needle in a haystack trying to find old notes.

Solution: Electronic Meeting Notes! I have made it my daily goal to record all details from my meetings in Matrix under activities. If it’s a busy day on the road, I voice talk them into my phone. This is helped me close multiple deals.

Key Benefits:

  • Prep for my meetings by referencing old notes and making sure I am on my game at every meeting by not missing any details.
  • Bringing up prior conversations and reminding the client about my attention to detail (to obtain trust)

Example: Knowing the front desk person’s name, bringing up a personal fact about a client that they told me (like they were building a house) and even bringing up old pain points from their business, asking how that was going and bringing stats on how we have changed that in our advertising).

I just closed a deal last week at a Garden Center and added $8K to the annual buy this year by simply brushing up on all my activity from 2020. I referenced the clients pain points and brought "end of summer" stats from the year before (even know he had already seen them but I wanted to remind him how well we did).

I brought new ideas that were fresh knowing all the creative we had and what we were missing after a swift look through his social/website (found new products). I also referenced a few ads that did not perform well (to build trust) and ideas to improve them for this season. I brought 3 additional digital products and after all those references, he bought all of them on the spot. Might have helped that Layla the cat was sitting on the bench with me the entire time AND I remembered her name (well Matrix reminded me 😉)

Matrix function(s) utilized to achieve this success: The Activities tab on each individual account

The Q2 2021 Matrix Sales Superhero Quarterly Contest is now underway! Superhero Sales Success submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. Share yours today to be entered into next quarter's drawing for the chance to join Matrix, industry professionals, and other Sales Superheroes at the next Media Ad Sales Summit, have your success story featured front and center, and get a $250 gift card!  We will accept your Q2 Matrix Sales Success stories from now through June 30, 2021... and don't forget, you can submit as many as you wish!

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