Monarch's 'Sales Outlook' and 'Deals' Tabs Help Maintain Client Retention and Grow New Business

The Q3 2023 Matrix Sales Superhero leaned heavily on Monarch during a period of high turnover enabling her to stay up-to-date on accounts that had shifted, past communications, and review buying habits to retain client business and find new ways to grow the account!

Congratulations to the Q3 2023 Matrix Sales Superhero out of Burlington, Vermont !

In addition to earning a $250 gift card and his success story featured on the Matrix website and compiled into the Matrix Solutions' winner’s playbook, our Q3 2023 winner has also received a complimentary registration to Matrix's next in-person Media Ad Sales Summit! Check out the full winning submission below...

Woman- Newest Winner-2Challenge:  We've recently experienced a lot of turnover and not only getting up to speed on accounts that have shifted, but making sure things do not fall through the cracks is more important than ever.

Solution:  Lean on Matrix! Whether it's for something as simple as contact information, or something more involved like easily recognizing their buying habits, and if they were on in prior years and need to be reached out to, having all of the information at my fingertips has been incredibly helpful.

Key Benefits:  It's all about client retention rates when accounts shift from one sales rep to another, and Matrix's Monarch has helped to minimize attrition for me by helping me stay on top of my "new to me" business. Whether I'm finding ways to grow an account that shifted or using old notes to find a way to connect with the client, it's nice not to have to start at Ground Zero with new-to-me accounts.

Matrix function(s) utilized to achieve this success:  The Sales Outlook card is my FAVORITE card! It makes it very easy to get at-a-glance views at people who were on last year who haven't booked yet for this year. I love how you can sort by year, quarter, and month. The deals tab has also been helpful for any proposals that were out there when former co-workers left. It's really demonstrated the importance of including as much information in Matrix as you can, to help those who may come after us.

The Q4 2023 Matrix Sales Superhero Quarterly Contest is now underway! Superhero Sales Success submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. Share yours today to be entered into next quarter's drawing for the chance to join Matrix, industry professionals, and other Sales Superheroes at the next Media Ad Sales Summit, have your success story featured front and center, and get a $250 gift card!  We will accept your Q Matrix Sales Success Stories from now through December 31, 2023... and don't forget, you can submit as many as you wish!

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