'Deals Forecasting', 'Alerts', and 'Sales Outlook' Monarch Functions Help Grow Digital Business Over 37%

Our Q4 2023 Matrix Sales Superhero was able to increase  digital spend by over 37% and total yearly spend by over 7%  by using Monarch functions to track past client spending and monitor revenue streams all year long!

Congratulations to Kenda Weber of KWQC, the Q4 2023 Matrix Sales Superhero!

In addition to having her success story featured on the Matrix website and compiled into the Matrix Solutions' winner’s playbook, she's also earned a $250 gift card! Check out the full winning submission below...

Woman- Newest Winner-2Challenge:  To overcome churn and continue to grow new business to achieve digital and overall yearly budgets.

Solution:  Ran a multi-year revenue report as a yearly planning tool to look at who ran in the previous three years to gain back any clients not currently scheduled. Continuously looked at last year's spend each month to not overlook any revenue streams throughout the year.

Key Benefits: Increased total yearly spend by 7.79% . Grew digital by 37.54% for 2023.

Matrix function(s) utilized to achieve this success:  Deals Forecasting, Alerts on inactive accounts, and the sales outlook screen on a daily basis to be sure I was not overlooking dollars- whether in pending or last year's revenue columns.

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