How Automation Improves the Ad Sales Process

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ad sales, media, automation, MASC, media industry, CRM

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Many participants in the broadcast advertising market have recognized that there are several opportunities to make improvements to the process of buying and selling ad placements. Some of these deal with growing the pie to more effectively compete against the behemoths of digital advertising. But even without radical change, there are ways to improve the current methods used for executing transactions.  First and foremost is the need to increase the level of automation.

Both media companies and advertisers benefit by reducing the complexity of the ad buying process, and by making it more consistent across organizations. Advertisers benefit from simplified processes, reducing their internal costs, and relieving their staff from unnecessarily complex practices. Media companies benefit by improving their organizational responsiveness, thereby removing barriers that make their offerings harder to buy than those of their arch rivals, the digital media giants.

Streamlining “Make-Goods”

One aspect of broadcast advertising that is ripe for improvement is the “make-good” process, whereby a media company agrees to repeat an ad placement when the initial placement did not attain the expected audience level.  In many markets, the process to resolve this can involve a back and forth negotiation between the advertiser and the media company. Any actions resulting from these agreements need to be tracked and reconciled. 

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Tags: ad sales, media, automation, MASC, media industry, CRM

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