Matrix CEO Video Update: Q2 2021

In our Q2 2021 CEO video update, Matrix CEO, Mark Gorman, shares the latest industry updates and Matrix's role in helping advance the future of media ad sales. Mark touches on Matrix’s participation at the 2021 Cynoposis Measurement & Data Virtual Conference and introduces Julie Kapsch, Matrix's new COO. Mark also discusses the next in-person Media Ad Sales Summit, planned for January 19-21st, 2022, in Miami Beach, FL. 

Additionally, Mark discusses the challenges of the broadcast industry and how the ad buying process can be better streamlined. He mentions a few obstacles that hinder ad sales; the underlying execution systems, unstandardized measurement, outdated and complex business rules, and the technology used to efficiently move buys through a system.

With that being said, Matrix is working to enhance its Sales Gateway, an advanced portal that allows for the ingestion and dissemination of data from all providers in the sales ecosystem participating in the negotiation and execution process.

"Our technology is being designed to be a bridge so that you can execute through automation today how you have always executed, but then over time, as you change what and how you sell, our system can adapt," said Mark. 

Last but not least, Mark talks about their offices opening back up,  the team's continued work on the Media Ad Sales Council (MASC), and the latest in their Candid Conversations series (if you have not had a chance to check out Candid Conversations, we host live monthly webinars with various industry leaders).

With so much valuable information covered, check out the full video here!

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