Revenue Management is the Key to Optimization

As media companies evolve and shape shift, omnichannel revenue opportunities are emerging.  Sure, there is more inventory to sell, which innately provides the potential to increase revenue - but are you ensuring each sale is producing its highest profitability potential? It is not just about the top line, but rather optimization of each dollar secured. Revenue management is the key to optimization.


Revenue Management solutions, such as Monarch, are designed to help you monetize precious revenue opportunities while significantly reducing operational costs; resulting in greater profitability and delivering a field-proven ROI. More specifically, Monarch enables sales teams to uncover new cross-sell and upsell revenue opportunities, alerting media sellers of where to take action in order to maximize efforts, (‘Show me the Money!’).  It doesn’t stop there, though… Built on an open architecture, the platform connects disparate data sources, automates manual processes and workflows, and delivers enhanced intelligence and analytics – empowering sales organizations to capitalize on omnichannel revenue efficiencies.

Serving as a centralized front-end system with extensive media CRM capabilities, Monarch aggregates and normalizes multi-data sources from the get-go – reducing errors, eliminating redundancies, and accelerating the speed to cash.

Three ways Monarch empowers sales teams to sell smarter, faster, and more efficiently are through:

Data Unification+
Monarch unifies and normalizes first-and-third party data sources, providing users with accurate and real-time data from across the ecosystem to act on.

Automated Workflows 
Media-specific functionality within Monarch streamlines sales processes and automates workflow to accelerate the speed from prospect to cash.

Media Intelligence 
Taking a deep and forward-looking viewpoint, Monarch can provide advanced, actionable intelligence for users to forecast, sell, and take action on.

Customizable, best in class reporting allows sellers to create personalized data sets that can easily roll-up or drill-down to provide the specific information they need to find the opportunities they can capitalize on. Think ‘no surprises’ for optimal monetization! If that weren’t enough, Monarch’s full suite of media-specific feature sets and dedicated success managers ensures users are not only using the platform to its fullest potential but also capitalizing on opportunities and optimizing ad dollars in the process.

With Monarch, media sales organizations are afforded an uncompromised view into their business. Contact us to discuss how Monarch can advance your sales optimization efforts.

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